I'm Jessi, I'm a 24 year old graphic designer near Atlanta, GA. I'm pretty much involved in all things creative and crafty that I can get my hands on. This place is simply for what preoccupies my artistic (insane) mind.

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My Adventures in Woodblock Printing¬† - 2 “Live by Design, Die by Design”
This is attempt #2, a carving of type which, I think, really helped my technical carving skill. With this one, I got some better carving tools, and really had to take my time on those curves as the wood was hard enough to give me bruises on the heel of my hand where most of the pressure from the chisel hit. I think technically, this one turned out much better. From my first printing, after about a week and 30 hours of carving, filling, and sanding, I ended up about 25 good prints, and I ran out of ink :(. I’ll have to run up to my candy store (Blick’s Art Supplies) and get some more. Individual prints to come next.
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